Contextual English Learning

Learning languages in context is proven to boost fluency and retention rates.

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We recognize the real problems you face training staff and we build customized courses to help you solve problems and succeed.

  • Learn from professionals
  • Go at your own pace
  • Get valuable, honest feedback
  • Build a community
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Feature Packed


Learning can be done in groups or individually.

Targeted Language

Learning outcomes targeted to the role.

Contextual Learning

Promote better results through deeper understanding

Awards & Certificates

Users are motivated by receiving achievements.

Progress Tracking

Group Leaders can track user completion and scores.

Easy Access

No special technology required.

More than just English Training

Context and Culture are huge parts of learning any language. We focus not only on what to say, but why, where, and when to say it!

Interactive Video & Exercises

We keep things interesting. Lessons include video and immersive challenges to keep the learner’s attention and boost their motivation.

Collaborative Workshops & Coaching

We work with you during the learning process to ensure everyone stays on track and are using our systems effectively.

Simply Amazing

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Learning a language is hard enough. In the service industry that welcomes visitors from all directions, understanding different cultures and traditions is particularly critical.
When I opened this book, I was surprised to see the first chapter of “Cultural Differences” and found that editors used this spirit of not only learning languages, but also understanding and understanding industry culture throughout the entire textbook. (translated from Chinese)
Bill Lu
Vice President of Global Talent Management at Shangri-La Hotel Group

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