English In Context

Our Beginnings

After years of teaching English and Tourism in China, we found there were gaps in the training.

  • Little emphasis on critical thinking skills.
  • Not enough emphasis on the cultural background of language usage.
  • Too much emphasis on “vocabulary and grammar” instead of understanding their use in communication.

Our Purpose

We are passionate about promoting cross cultural communication and understanding, not just language training.

Our People

A truly collaborative international venture, EIC Hospitality has years of Tourism related experience, and a proven track record creating programs, seminars, and materials for schools, academies, universities, and businesses across China.

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Expanding horizons and making the world a smaller place:
Introducing Hospitality Horizons

The “Horizons” program focuses on polite speech, cultural awareness, and the service standards executive hotels need to operate in a competitive world.

What we do

EIC Hospitality Training Programs will enable staff to interact with different cultures, using appropriate Standards of Service, and the language needed to best take care of their guests. Trainees will learn:

  • How an international customer will think and what their expectations are when staying at your hotel.
  • How different customers react differently to the same situation.
  • How to personally connect with all guests in a way they find appealing, and why this is important.
  • What English to use, and when.

What you get

What will the trainee walk away with?

  • The ability to personally connect with your international customers.
  • How to provide exceptional service across cultures.
  • Advanced upselling skills.
  • Advanced complaint management skills.
  • The ability to establish rapport with international customers to encourage their return stay.

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