Essential Phrases Training Program

Shared curriculum. Individual mastery.

Our training program offers two different paths to discover the shared core course material, adapted to individual language learning needs. Aimed to cater to both front-line staff and supervisory roles, we align training with each employee’s specific skill set and responsibilities.

The Essential Phrases Training Program aims to optimize language and communication skills in a service-oriented environment by adopting a digital learning approach for front-line staff and personalized cohort training models for supervisors and leadership.

Outcomes tailored to role needs

English For Special Purposes (ESP)

Not all positions require the same level of language proficiency. For example, a Front Desk Supervisor will need to communicate with English speaking guests far more than a Housekeeper.

Why should they take the same course?

Essential Phrases

A typical Front Line staff member should know key vocabulary, phrases, and have the skills to understand and be understood while providing their service.

Advanced Communication

A Supervisor or Manager needs the ability to deliver more complex communication when dealing with special requests or complaints.

3 Part Solution

Digital Learning

“Essential Phrases” crafted for immediate real-world application. Digital, flexible, and intuitive.

  • Automated Learning Platform: Access your training anytime, anywhere.
  • Key Phrases and Keywords: Curated for daily interactions.
  • Ongoing Opportunities: Continuous learning for continuous growth.
  • Supervisory Support: Guided hands-on practices and tailored learning assignments.

Supported Learning

Supervisors undergo synchronous cohort training sessions focusing on specialized language and complaint handling. These sessions deepen their understanding, equipping them to tackle complex customer issues. This training encourages a collaborative space for sharing best practices, and enhancing language skills.

  • Advanced Language Skills Delivery: Digital learning meets hands-on workshops.
  • Handling Special Needs and Complaints: Mastery over unique customer scenarios.
  • Training the Trainer: Empowerment to guide the front-line staff effectively.
  • Building Redundancy: Ensuring consistent quality in any circumstance.

Ongoing Support

Integration tailored to property-specific needs with a focus on cross-cultural communication and continuous skill development.

  • Ongoing Webinars for Leadership: Dive deep into theories and best practices.
  • Personalized Coaching: Tailored feedback sessions for enhanced leadership development.
  • Integration of Knowledge: Building stronger teams through joint training.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation: Evolving as per feedback and advancements.

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